1. Accessibility
For many people, the accessibility of online counselling can help ease anxiety one may experience during an in-office counselling session. It is a simple and comfortable process for clients to log in to a secured online platform such as Zoom that they may access from the comfort of their own homes.

2. A Greater Choice of Counsellors and Ongoing Support
Online counselling doesn’t restrict you to your geographical area. You can choose from licensed and registered counsellors all across your province, country or even internationally. Furthermore, online counselling enables you to find a counsellor who fits your needs and has expertise on your particular issue. In addition, continual support from the counsellor is one of the major advantages of online counselling. Online counselling allows you to connect with your counsellor whenever you need support. This is, for example, a huge benefit for people who need frequent care while coping with challenges.

3. Geographical Distance
For people living in remote, rural areas, obtaining professional mental health help through office-based counselling can be difficult as a counsellor may not be reachable within a close geographical distance. For these people, online counselling is a highly beneficial option.

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