Mandy-Leigh Samaria Van Aswegen

Registered Counsellor


I completed my Bpsych (Hons) at SACAP (South African College of Applied Psychology) where I trained at various placements, JPCCC (Johannesburg Parent and Child Counselling Centre), Fight with Insight, SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group).

In addition to this, I have facilitated a recovering addict support group HEAL (Healing and Educating Addicted Lives).

Mandy-Leigh Van Aswegen

What I’m Passionate About

As addiction is a field that I am very passionate about I will elaborate on it.

Addiction exists. This condition is not merely a symptom of some other underlying disorder; it deserves to be treated as a primary condition.

Addiction is a disease.

Attempts to chide, shame, or scold an addict into abstinence are essentially useless. Instead, we can view addiction as an involuntary disability—a disease—and treat it as such.

Addiction is a multiphasic illness. Addicts suffer from a disease affecting them physically, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore, treatment for addiction will be more effective when it takes all three aspects into account.


My focus is an integrative, holistic and personalized approach adapted to the needs of each individual client. No two fingerprints are alike, the detail of a fingerprint is influenced by many other factors besides genes. No client is alike “There is no one size that fits all”. I endure to empower a client by utilizing the clients’ strength, willingness, and motivation to recover.


I am dedicated to working in a space with my client where I relate to them as a person, not imposing a clinical professional relationship on them. Where there is a need I offer couples, group, and family counselling.

For Me

My joy comes from witnessing the empowerment that transpires when clients, no matter the age, recognise their inner resources and as a result flourish. I consider it an honour and privilege to be part of the process of a client coming closer to the accomplishment of their potential.

My Approach

I use the 12 step NA recovery program and techniques of SFBT (Solution-Focussed Brief Therapy).

The aim of my counselling is to systematically deconstruct the denial of the client around their addiction, guiding them in the process of facing reality and allowing them to take responsibility for how their addiction has affected their lives and the lives of their significant others.

Counselling & Mental Well-Being

Treatment duration

I work on average, with an individual, a group, or a couple, over a six- to eight-week period. It takes time to deal effectively with the difficulties, especially those that involve addiction, eating disorders and stress.

Developing a healing environment alongside the client through understanding and patience. Gaining skills and knowledge and devising strategies that can be implemented to create a reconnection with each individual’s life.


No unrealistic expectations are set, and practical applications are put in place for the support of adults, children, parents, couples and communities, ensuring that their well-being comes first.

Unrealistic expectations have never helped and expectations are only as effective as communicated. Unrealistic expectations lead to resentment.


By developing communication, assertiveness and relationship skills individuals are better equipped to deal with stress.

By enhancing copings skills individuals are enabled to overcome addictive behaviour, anxiety or depression, regaining control over their lives and living their best lives with new capabilities and resources.

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