Wellness WednesdayA question that frequently comes up in my counselling group sessions and support groups, is, IS ALCOHOL A DRUG?

Many clients start their counselling journey with a need to start their road in recovery, however, many of them do not see the road to recovery without alcohol, because alcohol is socially acceptable, easily acceptable and a normalized element in society.

Being in recovery is about complete abstinence from any drug. Recovery is also not solely about the abstinence from a particular substance or drugs it is about managing behaviours and processing the traumas behind the behaviours/coping mechanisms that formed often in childhood already.

Recovery is about learning to walk/behave all over again, the way a person learned to walk/behave was because they needed to adapt to the traumas in their life this way of walking/behaving worked in the short term, however, in the long term it does not work anymore.

The focus should not be can I consume alcohol once I am in recovery, you will always go back to your drug of choice, one is too many and a thousand is never enough, the focus should rather be let me heal from the traumas in my life through holistic counselling, identify the unhealthy coping mechanisms and this will encourage you to live a complete life of sobriety, a life that you do not want to escape from.

Make your counselling a journey where you can build that life. Being willing to break down a few walls to build new sturdy walls.

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