A boundary is the recognition of where you end and others begin. For the most part the whole point of having boundaries is so that we can contain ourselves within the parameters of where I stop and others begin. Like the fence between you and your neighbour.

Boundaries are not meant to keep others out as much as they are meant to keep us in.

Recognition of where you end, and others begin.

Good fences make good neighbors.

Setting boundaries is an important part of establishing your identity and is a crucial aspect of recovery, mental health and well-being.

Types of boundaries

External boundaries: Physical and material

Internal boundaries: Mental, spiritual, and emotional

 An appropriate boundary then, would be to recognize your own power to choose and to choose according to your own authenticity. In setting boundaries you create a more authentic self. Following your gut.

Part of a flight’s safety instructions include putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others. This is good advice for other aspects of your life. Not taking care of yourself first can cause dissatisfaction, burnout and relapse. It can also lead to resentment—so taking care of yourself is not only good for you, it’s good for your relationships and vital for your recovery.

You are responsible for how you treat others not how you make them feel.

Know where you end, and I begin

Be aware of your feelings

Be aware of your choices

You are responsible for you

A boundary is only effective as communicated

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