Registered Counsellor

Everyone knows about psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists and doctors but what about registered counsellors?

As a registered counsellor, we provide short-term counselling, working with client’s current difficulties. We work with groups and individuals to examine their thoughts, emotions and behaviours in order to increase personal awareness and self-confidence, decreasing the need for longer-term or more intensive counselling in the future. Registered Counsellors cannot, according to their scope of practice, diagnose mental health disorders or prescribe any medication.

A Registered Counsellor is a highly trained mental health professional, also called a psychological practitioner. To obtain this qualification and register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), one needs to complete an accredited 4 year Bachelor of Psychology degree (or an equivalent Psychology Honours), as well as 720 hours of practical work (internship) under the supervision of a Psychologist. Following this, one needs to have passed a board exam with HPCSA with a minimum of 70%.

The role of the Registered Counsellor is to make psychological services accessible to the diverse South African population and to provide psychological and preventative interventions that focus on support and promote the enhancement of well-being in community contexts. This includes individuals, families, groups, communities and excludes psychotherapeutic intervention.

Registered Counsellors differ from other categories of psychology in that their primary function is to prevent, promote, intervene, and appropriately refer. Their primary role at a preventative and promotional level involves screening and engaging early and appropriate levels of intervention.


The difference between a registered counsellor and a psychologist is that a registered counsellor cannot diagnose a mental health disorder and they cannot treat it either they need to contain the client if there is an emergency and refer them to a psychologist. A psychologist can treat the client for longer than a registered counsellor.


The difference between a psychologist, psychiatrist and registered counsellor is that a psychiatrist prescribes medication to treat a mental health disorder. It is important that when medication gets prescribed that the client engages in counselling alongside the medication that they will be taking ensuring that their treatment is holistic.

All these healthcare practitioners have different scopes, however, one is not better or more important than the other, as a multi-disciplinary team they can work together very well, complementing one another in their scope of work.

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