Working as a mental health and psychological practitioner I believe an integral part of my practice is being able to refer appropriately and to provide information on resources to people who are unable to pay for counselling. Below are some resources that I have come across in my workings in the mental health industry.

Counselling Resources

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group-

Families South Africa


Life line SA-

Online Counselling-

Psychiatric Intervention Unit

Woman Abuse

People Opposing Women Abuse



Addiction and Recovery Resources

Support Groups


Project Exodus-


National Health Department –

If you are looking for any other resource not mentioned above please contact me and I will see where I can help.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for an online counselling session. Let’s together create an environment where you can connect with yourself again, an environment that fosters and encourages authenticity. An environment where you can follow your gut and get to know what it looks like.

After doing an intake I might be able to help you with a few sessions using BWRT (Brainworking Recursive Therapy) read more about BWRT on another blog on my website:, or we will use another technique depending on your unique needs.

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